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Our Product:

Ultrasonic equipment to guard hulls from Algea, barnacles and other growth. For more about our products and customer referrals please visit www.h2oboatcare.us

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We are looking for State Dealers !

Looking for ways to start or expand your business ? We are looking for entrepeneurs that are willing to take on the dealership per State for our exciting products !

What do we offer ?

We offer support in growing the business, on boatshows in your state, installation training and our knowledge base of the marine industry, plus of course the exclusivity of selling our products in your state, on your own or by utilizing a sales network in your state for you to build and manage.

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For more info on our product please see our Customer website www.h2oboatcare.us

We would be happy to discuss your options with you personally,  contact us per email through the form above or call, text, WhatsApp on the number below.

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